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Your trust — trust in everything, from the beginning to the end — is the most important thing in our business. Your success is the highest award for us. We believe that our work not only helps make the world a cleaner place; it also helps smaller companies grow together with us. And we are growing along with them. We are not standing still: we streamline our business processes, expand our processing capacities and improve our customer service on a regular basis.

We are leaders, and we take pride in it. We are successful because of you! We value and cherish every one of you.

Lana Sera. Director

Company Information

In 2016 JFM Investments Inc. started new business activity — investment in purchasing and processing of electronic waste containing precious metals. Expected investment volume is about 50 000 000 USD in 2017.

JFM Investments Inc. invests its own funds in purchasing raw materials containing precious metals worldwide. Our team consists of high profile experts capable to promptly assess the goods and close the deal.

Being neither manufacturer nor processor of gold, platinum and other precious metals, our company works efficiently to ensure the conclusion of mutually beneficial deals with great number of minor suppliers of raw materials.

We strengthen our leading market position with responsible approach to environment, people and natural resources. Each our partner is very important for us, and fair trade principle is a prerequisite for the successful development of our business.


JFM Investments Inc. was established in Switzerland in 1977. During 40 years our company has been participating as an investor in many projects worldwide.


In 2016 our company initiated new project — investments in purchasing recyclable raw materials with precious metals content.


In 2016 JFM Investments concluded a long-term exclusive contract with the Russian company Proton Plus — supplier of raw materials from Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus and the Kyrgyz Republic.


In 2017 we have opened a EU branch-office in Republic of Latvia with the principal aim to create on its basis a warehouse and a sorting center for accumulating and primary sorting of raw materials supplied from this region.


According to the business development plan, in November 2018, the company Salyut-M became the official representative in the Republic of Armenia.


Latvian branch Office of JFM Investments Inc. is reorganized into JFM RM LLC.

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